Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time Saver: Buy more than 1!

Did you know that bathroom cleaner will disappear just as fast if you buy three bottles at the same time or at different times?  I don't know what I was thinking, but for years we had just one set of bathroom cleaning supplies, and I hated dragging the supplies from bathroom to bathroom.  It wasn't until we got some cleaning help while I was watching 3 kids and 8 months pregnant, that I learned this tip.  It wasn't even the cleaning helpers was mine.  I thought it would be easier on HER if she didn't have to drag the supplies all over the house.  I truly am nicer to other people.  She only helped us for 2 months, and after that I realized just how nice it is to have cleaning supplies and paper towels in a LOCKED cabinet in each bathroom.  I also noticed how I might just whip out the supplies and do a quick clean just because its all there on a spur of the moment (and I hate cleaning bathrooms)!

Please make sure each cabinet is locked if you have youngsters!

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