Saturday, August 7, 2010

Freezer Meal Recipe Friday; Italian Chicken

So, this may seem like a cop-out to some, but its super easy and really yummy.  Just put some Italian dressing in a freezer bag with chicken.  Freeze.  Thaw and cook.  Yum!  The Italian dressing really flavors it!  I like to grill the meat and put it on a bun for a simple sandwich.  So much better than fast food and just as fast!  You could also slice it for fajitas.  Be creative, what else can be a simple marinade? I've done lemon juice with chicken, also wine with chicken or beef.  No need for the expensive marinades.  Enjoy!

Oh, and for those of you disappointed not to see a "real" recipe, tune in Monday for a more "in-depth" Italian chicken recipe.

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