Friday, September 10, 2010

Swagbucks Swidget and Mega Swag Bucks Day!

If you haven't signed up already, don't discount Swagbucks. I've now won over $200 in Amazon giftcards since January plus also been able to donate some of the bucks I won to causes.  You can 'win' swagbucks through searching, special offers (look on the homepage), and swagcodes.  Check the Swagbucks Swidget to the right of this page for the codes, and if you haven't signed up yet, click my special referral link.

Mega Swag Bucks Day happens every Friday, where you have a higher chance of winning larger than normal denominations of Swag Bucks.  When I first started, I won 100 Swagbucks which thrilled not only myself but the girl who referred me because she also go matching bucks!

So, happy searching!

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