Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sanity Saver: Toy Overload

Do you have too many toys in your house?  (If you have kids, I'm pretty sure your answer is yes).

Here are a few solutions I've gleaned over the years (and yes, I still have too many toys in my house).  As I stated previously, when there's too much stuff out, it takes too much time to clean up, taking away family fun time!  So I try my best to keep it simple.


Toys with lots of pieces (such as Lite Brite) stay in the closet until requested to be played with.  This also goes for big kid puzzles with lots of pieces.

Rotate bins to keep interest.  Take half your toddler toys and put them away for a while.  In a month, put away the ones that are out and take out the ones you had in the closet.

Give some away.  My toddler is too young for this, but she doesn't seem to mind when her unplayed with toys go in our giveaway bin.  For my preschooler I ask her to find toys to give to "kids who don't have toys."  This was the simplest way to explain the donation process to her.  She doesn't get rid of as much as I'd like to see, but she does give somethings usually.

Hope this helps you save some sanity and find some time!

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