Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Make a Tangled Rapunzel Cake!

My turning-6-year-old daughter decided to have a Tangled (Disney's animated Rapunzel movie) themed birthday party.  As usual, we went to buy a shaped cake pan to decorate, only to discover one didn't exist!  So, we had to get creative.  Using an image of the Rapunzel tower from the movie, we crafted our own Tangled Cake.

 This top part is enough cake batter for two layers in a large glass bowl, topped with an ice cream cone.

The middle portion is 2 9-inch round cake layers.

The bottom portion was the fun part!  It is three batches of Rice Krispie Treats (one batch at a time) pressed into a medium size (about 6 inch) spring form pan.  After the batch cools (I used the refrigerator to speed things up) remove the sides and bottom and stack.
 Here you can see the "inside" after we took the top off to eat it.  We used a plate upside-down for the base.

To decorate, we tinted the base with a light gray and the top part with lavender.  Using black icing and a narrow tip, we drew on bricks.  The flower tip was used to make the green ivy, and a few red flowers. Her hair was vermicelli pasta. Thin pretzel sticks were used to simulate the wood work and create the window for her hair.  I have a feeling the mini chocolate chips and yellow chicks were last minute additions by my daughter.

When decorating, my husband found it easier to decorate the base BEFORE adding all the top layers.

Good luck and enjoy!

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