Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time Saver: Lists

I'm a list person.  Not everyone is, but it works for me!  Breaking up a task into do-able portions, and setting a time limit to complete them REALLY helps me.  After a whirlwind play-date followed by a church event last night, I was just too tired to clean up.  So, I'm left with the daunting task of my normal morning routine, plus my evening routine, PLUS the added mess from the playdate, which a deadline of a morning visitor.  What do I do?  Make a list.  Simple things like: clean up playdoh, sweep floor, pick up living room, clean counter tops, and assign a time next to each task to complete it by.  If I'm behind, I know I have to do the next task super fast to meet my goal.  (I'm VERY goal-oriented).  I still have 30 minutes to my deadline, and so far so good! 

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  1. Great question. Sometimes, it really does help. That’s because the person is completely isolated from your normal day-to-day – so she/he may “see” opportunities that an internal person may not see. An internal person can certainly do it, but it’s best when they can *just* focus on there work. It’s really hard to be when you’re responsible and working with clients. Thanks for your post.