Saturday, December 10, 2011

The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth...Day of December

Hi everyone, we are playing catchup here with all the special projects we are doing at home! Today I have 2 more to share. The reason we got behind is we were expecting a new member of our family to join us this week (we are also foster parents) and were hurriedly preparing.  However, at the last minute the child was able to go home instead. So, all is back to normal.

Yesterday we made Christmas Tree wall hangings with tissue paper.  This is a really easy project for any age, and looks pretty awesome.  To make, first you cut out Christmas trees out of green paper.  Then, allow the children to paint glue onto the trees.  Next, take tiny pieces of squished up red and green tissue paper and let the kids place it all over the tress.  My oldest ran and got a star sticker for the top. That's it! Super simple and the kids loved it.

We also baked chocolate chip cookies together. After dinner we had hot cocoa and the cookies while we watched Santa Buddies.

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