Monday, August 22, 2011

Road Trip!

So, we are in KY...actually, by the time you read this we won't be, but we WERE in KY.  It was a 10 hour drive from our house.  Although we brought some Signing Time DVDs we borrowed from the library (2 @ 25min each), the kids were great at entertaining themselves.  I packed books, a notebook for each of them (currently 20 cents at Walmart), a pack of crayons and some pencils. I also grabbed a coloring book for the toddler, and one of those Color Wonder type kids the older one got for her birthday sometime.  We stopped at 2 visitor centers and a restaurant for lunch.   Just to let you know, you DON'T have to have kids glued to TV for long car rides!

Other activities we played in the car were to create a story and the ABC game.  To create a story, one person starts and then go around the car adding a bit to the story until its over.  Makes for a funny, silly story.  The ABC game can be played one of two ways.  Last year, we played by looking for a letter A, then a letter B, etc.  This year, we looked for an object that started with an a, b, c, d, e...the only letter we "cheated" on was X, and used 'exit' for it.

I packed water, clementine oranges, cheese, and goldfish crackers for the car in case we got hungry in between stops.   We also had "lovies" in reach for when the kids wanted to nap.

Stay tuned for what we did in Kentucky!

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