Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The County Fair

Our local county fair was this past week. It was a great opportunity to see different animals, foods, and expand on our skill set. Unfortunately, there was major flooding, so the only animals we saw was a horse from a horse show and a kangaroo from another show. Normally there are goats, chickens, cows, rabbits and i think pigs. (Fortunately, we had gone to a smaller fair the previous month just to see animals).

As you can see, there were all sorts of vegetables and eggs to look at. It was amazing to see the different sizes and colors. There were rows of baked and jarred food and a separate building for flowers and hay.

The cool thing was, not only could we learn by seeing, but we learned by doing. "A" made cookies solo for the first time and took first prize in the youth under 19 category (she's six). I only helped by reading the recipe and putting the pan of cookies she scooped in the oven. She also entered photography, art (honorable mention), an apron she sewed (grandma supervised- 2nd place), a napkin holder (4th place), marigolds (5th) and a flower arrangement (2nd). G also got an honorable mention for her art.

Paired with the food and entertainment, it was a relatively inexpensive fun family event! Check one out near you!

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