Monday, September 19, 2011

This is What Homeschooling Looks Like... Today (again)

I realized this weekend that we hadn't gone to the local state park with a sand beach all summer, and summer was just about done (officially- we were past Labor Day so it was already unofficially over). I checked the weather hoping for a warm day. Behold: Tuesday was supposed to be sunny and warm. 'A' did her tablework first thing in the morning. Then, we attended a Mommy & Me class for G before packing up for the "beach." We brought history and science with them. As I sat at the picnic table reading a missionary story as we ate our lunch, I knew I had made a good choice to come. It was so beautiful and peaceful! After lunch, the kids grabbed the sand toys and started what A called art class. After some free play, I started to read history. Just perfectly, today's lesson was about mud huts and round houses. The girls made an African village resembling the one in our book, with "mud" walls, round homes, and thatch roofs to keep the rain off the walls.
Later we read about sea anemones and clownfish while sitting on the playground climber. They even went into spontaneous role play pretending they were baby loggerhead turtles hiding from their predator, the red fox (yesterday's science lesson). Today was a good day for homeschooling.

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