Saturday, September 10, 2011

Unintended Homeschool Benefits

When we started homeschooling this year, I never really thought the toddler would get much out of it. She wants to do everything her sister does! Here you see them doing math together. Sure, she's not really doing a math worksheet, but she's pretending to write numbers. While doing handwriting, I printed a letter sheet just for fun and was shocked she traced it! It'll be interesting to see her development now that she's learning right along big sister!


  1. Great job!!! You will also find that she will begin to catch up with everything so much quicker as she gets older! Roman can now recite the poems that Gabriel has to do for his poetry class. It's amazing how much they absorb.

  2. I've seen it already! At this point, A only had 10 words she can say...G can sing the alphabet, count to 12, and recognize many letters...I didn't teach her, she just picked it up!

  3. Hush took my homework!