Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Make a Bow Board

Whew, I had to take a little breather from blogging after Christmas and find my groove again.  But, today is a good day and things are getting accomplished!  I have so much to tell you, but we'll take it one day at a time. First, a gift I made for my girls for Christmas: a bow board.  They have many bows and flowers.  Most of them from a cool boutique called Baby Boutique Etc (which happens to be the same bows the Duggar girls wear often on 19 kids and Counting!)  I needed something to hold them on better than the basket they were currently I had an idea to make one myself.

 I didn't follow any plan and just totally made it up as I went.  First, I knew I wanted it to be "squishy" so I planned on using quilt batting, but this clearance skateboard print fleece was much cheaper. I got a 2X2 board, got it cut in half, and wrapped it in the fleece.

Then,  I wrapped the pretty purple sparkly material around it, and secured it in the back with a staple gun.  This was the first time I used one of these neat inventions!  Finally I wrapped ribbon around it with which to clip the bows and flowers onto. I stapled a the ribbon as well in a few spots.
The bow board is now fully covered in bows and flowers, and I wonder why I bothered to cut my 2 foot by 2 foot piece in half!  I also had planned to hang in on the wall by attaching strong ribbon (twine-like) to the back, but decided with a toddler in the house leaning against the wall is best for now.

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