Saturday, July 24, 2010

Be a Mommy Saver: Coupon Clip!

I have never spent more than $6.99 for a pack of diapers, and that was just once.  Usually I spend no more than $5.99.  And I'm not talking about store brand diapers either--they are usually the premium or ultra-premium brands.  I haven't purchased as many diapers as normal since we cloth diaper part time (another great money saver!), but I refuse to pay full price when I do.

Thursday I managed to get 4 jumbo and mega packs of brand name premium diapers for $8.98 (Total!). I also had a great thing going at our local grocer earlier this year.  I noticed that the Huggies Pure & Natural coupons were EVERYWHERE, so I'd buy a pack of those at $8.99 minus a $3 coupon ($5.99) and the cash register would spit out both a $3 and a $2 off Pampers Coupon!  This happened for months!  I gave away the $2 coupons and just used the $3 ones.  I had so many packs of diapers saved I didn't have to buy any diapers from February to June!

The savings is simple...taking 5 minutes to go through your coupon pack, or going to one of the many coupon sites online (just google "coupons") you can find savings on things you were planning to buy--which is another important point: don't just buy things because you have a coupon.  Make sure you were already going to buy it, or you will end up spending more.  (An exception to this is if you can get an item for free/pennies...and then donate it if you aren't going to use it).

Another coupon tip is to find stores that double.  You'll find many grocery stores that double coupons (so a 50 cent off coupon becomes $1 off), but they all have different limits. The grocery stores in my town cap out at $1, but if I drive 25 miles to the next town some of those stores will double dollar coupons for even greater savings.  For example, this week Eggland's Best Eggs were on sale for $1.99.  I had a $1 off 2 coupon.  If I had gone to that grocery store, I would've gotten 2 packs of eggs for $1.98...less than half price! Its important to factor in the cost of gas for trips like these though, since that's money too!

I keep my coupons in a big clear folder in my they are always ready when I stop in at the store.  What I'd like to get is a baseball card organizer though--so easy to view each coupon fast and easy to organize.

Happy Couponing!


  1. None of the stores I shop at do double-coupons, but I shop at Target and Wal-greens a lot and both of those have lots of store coupons, that you can use in combination with manufacture coupons, and sales.

  2. Wow, Melissa...maybe its an East Coast thing? Most the stores around here at least double up to 50 cents. Glad you found something that works!