Thursday, July 29, 2010

Money/Time Saver: Ice Cream Pie

I was thrilled to hear that my brother-in-law enjoyed reading my blog, and even more thrilled to hear how excited he was about a recipe he wanted to share with my readers.  I'm never heard of ice cream pie, but it seems like a super easy idea, and something I'll try for the next church dinner.

Ice Cream Pie


Ice Cream, softened
Store Bought Pie Crust (PLEASE read labels to make sure it is trans fat free, as many of these are NOT)
Box of pudding mix
Cool whip
a little milk

Mix the ice cream with the pudding mix and just enough mix to thin it and make it spreadable and spread into the pie crust half way.  After freezing 1-2 hours, top with cool whip and freeze until ready to eat.

Ryan says "one normal box of pudding mix is enough to do about 4 pies, so use half the box of pudding if only doing 2 pies." Or 1/4 for one pie.

You can totally mix this up...use vanilla ice cream and vanilla pudding, chocolate ice cream and cherry pudding... lots of choices!

 Enjoy the treat!

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