Thursday, July 1, 2010

Farmer's Market

 photo copyright RAL

This summer I'm trying an experiment.  I'm only buying local produce this summer to use for my family, with the exception of bananas and mushrooms (as they aren't grown locally and are a big part of our diet.)  As I'm doing this, I'm surprised at the low cost of the items I'm getting.  Just this morning I got a bunch of locally grown carrots for $1 and a huge carton of string beans for $2.  Last week I got a head of salad greens for $1 that lasted longer than the lettuce I bought from grocery store ever did.  So my savings is twofold- less expensive and less spoilage!

Try it yourself! Local Harvest has the option to search for farmer's markets near any location.  You might also check your local paper.

Using a farmer's market for produce also helps eliminate the mindless buying of junk each time you wander into a grocery store. 


  1. This is very true! You should also try container gardening. I am finding that the .69 package of green bean seeds has already harvested for us twice a week for the past month! It's been awesome!

    Same with the lettuce, except we bought that as a starter plant and this only has enough for 8 people once a week!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I have a small garden that hasn't produced anything yet, but I used to container garden. I actually think its easier!

  3. I need to get myself to a farmer's market already.
    : )

  4. There's one tomorrow Danielle! Downtown!