Saturday, November 26, 2011

I bought 30 pounds of chicken....and then sent my husband back for more!

So, after a freezer cooking hiatus, I got a serious bug, and made plans to make a TON of freezer meals.  I wanted some new recipes also so you'll be seeing them, too!

Here's what I made:

chicken fingers
stovetop chicken casserole
hot "wing" chicken
italian chicken
low fat cream cheese stuffed chicken
shredded cooked chicken for easy chicken noodle soup
walnut chicken
chicken cannelloni
stir fry lemon chicken
rosemary chicken

I ran out of chicken, but have the ingredients for coconut adobo chicken and tex mex chicken soup.

So, right now I have 26 meals in my freezer!  Plus, we just made some super yummy turkey broth I can't wait to make soup out of, and 2 bags full of yummy banana muffins with chocolate chips and walnuts!

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